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Transport of material

Tom will drive to CCC with a bus. We plan to arrive on CCC on 8 august, so 5 days up front. One thing to notice, Tom drives to Battlemesh first, departure on 2nd of august. This means all material that needs to go to CCC needs to be ready before the second of august for transport.

The bus has a garage in the back, size 2.5m x 2.5m, and height is 3m.

Transport for the peoples

If you plan to drive and share spaces / costs, put your name, the amount of free spaces, and departure/return dates here. Also, some way of getting in touch.

  • Tom / 8 free spaces / departure on august 2 / return on august 18 /
  • Ward / 3 free spaces, or 4 if we squeeze 3 people on the backseat :) / departure august 12 / return august 17 / on8wr-at-warddr-dot-eu

Transport Transport
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